skinScan stories

Personal stories from skinScan users. They share their inspirational stories with us.


“My mother was a nurse and endlessly preached that I should be careful with the sun! But you do not become “beautifully tanned” by avoiding the sun. Argh! I was stupid !!!”
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“When I got started using skinScan the app told me that one of the two moles in the groin area should be checked by a doctor. I got rid of both moles. One of them was cancerous … “
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“The skinScan app was simple and explicitly told me that I should contact my doctor. I was glad that I did, because they found a cancerous mole – fortunately it was identified at an early stage.”
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“I am quite sure that had it not been for skinScan, I would not have discovered my cancer until much later. I don’t want to think how that would have ended.”
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