How to use skinScan

It is important to use skinScan correctly; incorrect use may result in inaccurate feedback.
To learn more about how to use skinScan correctly click on the links below.

How to take a picture
1. The mole you want to take a picture of must be free of hair.

Please make sure that there is no hair covering the mole you are trying to capture, as hair will interfere with the software resulting in an incorrect assessment.
If you want to assess a mole that is covered by hair, first remove the hair around the mole so that the mole is clearly visible.

2. Make sure that the light is good

When taking an image, we recommend that you do so in a room with an abundance of natural light as this will provide the best conditions for a good quality image.


3. Make sure the distance and angle is correct

When you are taking the picture, keep the phone parallel to the surface of the skin where the mole is located.
Hold the phone about 10-15 cm from the mole.


4. The picture needs to be sharp

Align your mole with the crosshairs on the screen and make sure that the picture is sharp.
If needed increase the distance between the phone and the mole until the image is sharp and then slowly bring it closer.


5. Take the picture

To take a picture with skinScan just hold your finger anywere on the phone’s screen.


How to register

In order to monitor your moles with skinScan, you need to be registered.

During registration process you will need to enter:
  • Full Name/Username (for personalisation purposes only)
  • Initials (choose two letters)
  • Password (Remember that the password must contain at least 6 characters and both letters and numbers)
  • Email
  • Age
  • Gender


Follow-up scan
skinScan helps you to check your moles on regular basis

An easy way to take a follow up scan of a mole is to go your mole diary and select the mole you want to follow up on. Click on the date on an image which will take you to the results page. There you see the Follow Up Scan icon follow-up-scan.
Once you take a follow up image you can compare the images side-by-side by clicking on compare-mole-results-icon icon or comparing them in Mole Diary.

You will be also reminded when it’s time for a mole follow-up scan that you have in your mole diary. If your mole is marked as atypical you will be asked to check it once a month. If your mole is marked as typical you will be notified every 3 months.


When you get a reminder to check a mole:
  1. Take a picture of the mole you have been reminded for a follow-up scan.
  2. You need to confirm the mole location on the body map.