Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here:

Is skinScan coming to Android?

Yes, we are working to provide skinScan for Android. If you would like us to let you know when skinScan is ready for Android, you can register here.

Is skinScan free to use?

skinScan is free to download and use. In certain countries we do provide additional services that require payment, but these are clearly highlighted in the app.

How do I take a good image of a mole?

  1. Remove all hair surrounding the mole
  2. Take the image where there is abundant natural light
  3. Keep the phone camera parallel to your skin and about 10 – 15cm above the mole
  4. Ensure the image is sharp.

For more information about how to take a good image click here

Can I set up profiles for my family?

Yes, through skinScan’s Premium Services you can create up to 6 additional profiles that can be used to track your family members. For more information about Premium Services click here.
If you are an existing user and have already set up profiles for family members, contact us at to see if it is possible to add your existing family profiles under your name.

Can I track the evolution of a mole?

Yes, during your free trial period and when you subscribe to skinScan’s Premium Services all images you take will be stored in your mole diary. In the mole diary you will be able to see the review images and feedback, as well as compare images of the same mole side-by-side.
If you are an existing user you will have access to all images taken prior to the introduction of Premium Services, but any images taken after the free trial of the Premium Services will not be stored unless you are a Premium User.

How can I share my results?

Through skinScan’s Premium Services you can generate a PDF report that can be printed or emailed. For more information about Premium Services click here.

How much does skinScan’s Premium Services cost?

There are three subscription plans you can choose from: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Consult the skinScan app to view up to date pricing for each subscription plan in your local currency. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each billing cycle. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription anytime.

I purchased a Premium Services subscription, so why am still listed as a Basic User?

Sorry for the inconvenience; there may have been a communication error between Apple and Teleskin. From the main menu go to Manage Subscription and press Restore Purchase. If this does not resolve the problem, please send a copy of your Subscription Confirmation email from Apple to

How do I change or cancel my subscription to Premium Services?

You can upgrade or cancel your subscription anytime. To do so, go to Settings on your phone, tap iTunes & App Store, tap your Apple ID. Under subscriptions tap on Manage. Tap the subscription you want to manage.
If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to Premium Services at the end of your billing cycle.

Can I have my data deleted if I wish?

Yes, you can always have your data deleted at TeleSkin. If you no longer wish to use skinScan, just send an email with confirmation of the email address which you used to register with us to: TeleSkin will then delete your data, and you will receive a confirmation email that your data is deleted. Remember to delete skinScan from your phone.

Does the skinScan solution replace the Doctor?

No, our solution is not a diagnostic tool and does not replace a visit to your doctor. The skinScan app should be used as a complement to your regular doctor visits.

Where is skinScan available?

skinScan is currently available in Scandinavia.

Did we answer all of your questions?

At TeleSkin it means a lot to us to know that we have answered all of your questions.   If you did not find your answer here, please feel free to write to us at: