Press release 11. may 2016

TeleSkin launches skinScan app in Norway

The Esbjerg-based start-up company TeleSkin is pleased to announce the launch of its skinScan app in Norway.

skinScan, which helps users perform self-assessments of their moles and track them over time, has already been downloaded by more than 46,000 people in Denmark. With approximately 2,000 people diagnosed every year, Norway has one of the highest incidences of melanoma in Europe making it a natural choice as TeleSkin’s first expansion.

In an interview with Norwegian TV2 Anne Lise Ryel, from Kreftforeningen, stated “This is the future, and we are going to see more of this. Today we use apps for everything from paying for the bus to checking the weather. It’s about being simple and accessible. An app that makes it easy for anyone to keep an eye on skin changes will not just make it easier to understand when to go to the doctor, but also make it easy to check for themselves. Today we know that many people are too late when they visit a doctor”.

“skiScan was downloaded over 30,000 times in Norway on our first week” said Zeljko Ratkaj CEO Teleskin. “We are overwhelmed by the positive response, and are very pleased that we now are available to users in both Denmark and Norway. Right now we are working to rapidly expand access of skinScan to other European markets.”

Facts about skinScan:

How does skinScan work?

When a user scans a mole with the app and answers a few simple questions, the app will provide immediate feedback if the mole is typical or atypical. If a mole is identified as atypical, the app will suggest that the user see a doctor for a closer examination. skinScan does not provide a diagnosis – a doctor does that after having conducted further examination.

The app is based on 30 years of experience and knowledge in the field of skin cancer, and skinScan’s algorithm is based on more than 65,000 images of healthy and sick moles and 20,000 medical consultations. The algorithm and the feedback to users is built around the recognized ABCDE analysis to assess moles:

Asymmetry. Moles with cancer are usually asymmetric in contrast to most of the normal moles which are symmetrical so that the one half is as a mirror image of the other.

Border (limit). Melanoma typically has an irregular and unsharp delimitation.

Colour. Moles with cancer have colour tones from maroon-to black. Melanoma often has a gleaming surface.

Diameter. Melanoma usually measures 5- 7 mm in diameter

Evolution. Moles with cancer will typically grow in size over time.

skinScan has the CE certificate in accordance to the Medical Devices Directive.

Who is behind the app?

The app is developed by a team of experienced doctors and researchers.

Co-founder Dr Bandic is a senior plastic surgeon and the leader of the ORS plastic surgery clinic in Belgrade, Serbia. Dr Bandic is a member of the board of directors of the International Dermoscopy Society, and has over thirty years of clinical and surgical experience with skin diseases. He has developed unique software algorithms and hardware to analyze skin conditions.

Co-founder Aleksandar Lazarov has a doctorate in plastic surgery from the Medical University of Belgrade. Aleksandar has worked on melanoma and other types of skin cancer for several years and is a colleague of Dr Bandic at ORS hospital.

Zeljko Ratkaj, co-founder and CEO of TeleSkin ApS, was trained at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Automatic Control at the University of Belgrade. He has 8 years of experience as a senior research assistant in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty where he was part of establishing the new department for Biomedical Engineering. He is focused on biomedicine and bioinformatic techniques, and has published several scientific articles on Artificial Intelligence. In 2004 he joined Dr Bandic and his team in researching melanoma and the developing tools to fight the disease. TeleSkin and the skinScan app are the results of these research efforts.


In 2014, TeleSkin won the largest growth competition in Europe, Next Step Challenge, and the corresponding prize of 250.000 Euro. Thereafter it received additional funding for the development of skinScan through a venture investment of 800.000 Euro, most of which was provided by SEED Capital Denmark, as well as Welfare Tech Invest and a private investor.

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