Premium Services: Mole comparison

One of the most important ways of detecting melanoma is by identifying changes of a mole over time. As part of our Premium Services you can now easily do this by comparing images of the same mole.

To compare images of the same mole:

  • Go to your Mole Diary, click on the image that you want to take a follow up scan, and in the Results page click on the camera icon
  • Take an image of the same mole and complete the algorithm assessment
  • Once you get the Result, click on the left arrow to go back to Mole Diary. Click on the + button to see all images taken of the same mole
  • Click on Compare
  • Compare the images and assessment of two images. You can swipe right to see the full assessment. If you have more than 2 images of the same mole you can select the date of the moles you want to comparecompare-moles-all
  • To see a close up of both images click on the Comparison icon compare-mole-results-icon


You can manipulate the images by using the magnify or turn buttons, or by pinching the screen. To manipulate an image make sure that the appropriate image is selected (white ring around the image).



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