John Raper’s Close Call 2011 melanoma awareness campaign

With the highest recorded incidence in the world, melanoma can sadly be considered Australia‟s national cancer, with many thousands of Australians touched by it. The aim of the campaign was to provide heightened community awareness in order to help raise much-needed funds around National Shade Day on Friday, September 2, 2011. Money raised went towards vital research into finding a cure for deadly melanoma.

Lead by Mojo, a core team was mobilised to develop, produce, promote and place the CSA spot. Undertaken as a pro-bono project, Mojo was also supported by the team at Toyota thanks to its ongoing relationship with MIA, and joined by the following partners who donated their time to bring the campaign to life: Cutting Edge, The Finch Company, Song Zu, The Media Store, Haystac Public Affairs, and of course Johnny Raper himself.

Set on the beach, the creative depicts a pensive Raper looking out to sea while his voice-over recounts his ‘attack’. It becomes apparent that the melanoma is being likened to a shark attack, highlighting the sudden way the cancer can strike, without warning. Many people might worry about shark attacks at the beach, but in reality, there is a far greater danger to fear from the sun‟s potentially harmful UV rays.

John Raper’s “Close Call” 2011 melanoma awareness campaign

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