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Pernille’s story

Pernille had monitored two moles for a long time. When she heard about skinScan, she used the app to scan them and the results showed that she should review them with a physician. She quickly scheduled an appointment, and today she is happy she did.


After seeing a show on TV about a new app that can scan moles, I immediately went to download the app onto my phone.

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I had a few moles checked in the past and all were harmless, but there were also several that I had monitored since I was a child and had never spoken about to a doctor. Both moles were in the groin area, inside the underwear line, so I check on them from time to time.

When I took images of both using skinScan, the app told me that one of the moles should be checked by a doctor as it contained several irregularities in shape and color.

I contacted my doctor within a week, and while she did not think it was harmful, she agreed to remove some of the skin. However, one week later I was told that one of the moles, the one that the skinScan app had identified as problematic, was cancerous.

I immediately scheduled an appointment at Herlev hospital and three days later I was being operated on, while under general anesthesia, to remove the remaining risk area. It was unfortunate that my GP had not removed the entire mole.

During the operation the doctor said “We need to minimise the risk of spreading”, so they also removed two lymph nodes. Thankfully 12 days after the surgery the results came back saying that they had not found any cancerous cells in the lymph nodes.

The physician in the hospital did not have all the necessary information because they only had a single sample of some pigment dyes from the area around the mole. The doctor explained that, my own doctor had not removed enough tissue so they could not know how big and how thick the mole was.

I told the doctor about finding the mole using the skinScan app, and the doctor was very curious to see it on my phone. I showed it and explained how it worked, indicating that the app asked additional questions about a mole and identified potential irregularities. She had never heard of it, but took down notes, including where it came from, and thought it sounded like a good tool!

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While I had a clear image of the original mole, and the app looks at perimeter, it is difficult to judge the thickness of a mole by looking at a picture. However, I had measured it myself and remembered approximately how thick it was, and the doctor took a measuring stick and estimated the height on the image. We agreed that the mole had been 1-1.5 mm thick, meaning that it was a medium-sized birthmark. The thickness of the mole determined the number of months before I needed to come in for a checkup in the first year after surgery. Based on the measured thickness I was told that I needed a check-up every 6 months, and not every 3 months, as might have been the case.

When they finally came back with the analysis of the sample they were unfortunately not able to provide a better assessment of the mole’s thickness. As a result, we had to rely on my memory and the skinScan image.

I told everyone at the hospital about the app, and nobody had heard about it, but everyone in the plastic surgery department knows about it now. All the doctors wrote down the name and showed great interest in it.

If I had not used it, I would probably not have gone to the doctor as quickly as I did. I had thought about getting the moles removed because I did not like the way they looked, but the birthmark had not suddenly changed – it had happened very slowly over the course of years. I feel lucky that I went to the doctor.


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