How selenium in broccoli may fight melanoma

The mineral selenium, which naturally occurs in foods like broccoli and garlic, appears to slow down a process that allows cancers such as melanoma, prostate cancer, and leukemia to spread.
These types of cancer contain mechanisms that block the body’s ability to recognize and destroy them by causing the immune system to over-activate.

“You can say that the stimulating molecules over-activate the immune system and cause it to collapse, and we are, of course, interested in blocking this mechanism. We have now shown that certain selenium compounds . . . effectively block the special immunostimulatory molecule that plays a serious role for aggressive cancers,” says Søren Skov, a professor in the veterinary disease biology department at the University of Copenhagen.

Certain cancer cells overexpress immunostimulatory molecules in liquid form. Such over-stimulation has a negative impact on the immune system.

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