Helle ignored mother’s advice


Helle’s story

I am a fair-haired freckled-girl type. I always wanted to be just as tanned as the other girls…so my solution was being out in the sun all day with no sunscreen.

How “wise” and immortal I was! In my youth I spent summer after summer this way. The result was that I had many sunburns.

Then I had children and could no longer spend as much time in the sun. But a few times a week, on the way home from work, I would stop for 15-minutes at a solarium just to maintain the glow.

Remember: Melanoma is curable

My mother was a nurse and endlessly preached that I should be careful with the sun! But you do not become “beautifully tanned” by avoiding the sun. Argh! I was stupid !!!

Fast forward some years to where I am today – 48 years old and a lot smarter. Life and education have made me wiser, but I have also gained new experiences that changed my way of thinking.

Caught by the past

My skin type, behavior and sun exposure have sown the seeds of my destiny.

Some time ago I had a mole on my shin removed. I had noticed that it had grown slightly over the past year. It looked light brown and innocent, but it did have a slightly irregular border.

The dermatologist who removed it did not think there was anything to it.

A week later I received a call with news that it was a superficial malignant melanoma, and that I would be transferred to hospital to receive a so-called “Cancer Package”.

So here I am now. An otherwise healthy and happy woman with a lot of things going on. Halted for a while but with the belief that all will be fine!

I use skinScan to keep track of my moles.

Beware of the sun all of you!

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