Premium Services: Creating a PDF Mole Report

Do you want to send the assessment of a mole to a family member or physician?  In the results page click on the PDF Icon. This will allow you to email the report, or if you are connected to a printer, to print it. Example of a PDF Mole Report If you have any questions […]

Premium Services: Mole comparison

One of the most important ways of detecting melanoma is by identifying changes of a mole over time. As part of our Premium Services you can now easily do this by comparing images of the same mole. To compare images of the same mole: Go to your Mole Diary, click on the image that you […]

Premium Services: Family Mode

Do you want to track moles of family members but keep their images seperate from your images? That is now possible using Family Mode. To set up a new profile, click on the family icon  on the home page. You will then be asked to set up a profile for each new family member. Once you set […]