Birgit’s story with skinScan

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Birgit: There was cancer

I downloaded skinScan – mostly out of curiosity. I’ve always had lots of moles, so I thought it was a nice way to check them. I had a few, there were 6-8 mm in diameter, so I scanned those.

I had previously asked my doctor about them, but he said they looked fine, so nothing else was done. On one mole the app pointed out three points, but I didn’t take it badly because the doctor had said everything was ok.

Incidentally, I didn’t know how serious melanoma is (there is WAY too little focus on it in my home country of Denmark!), so I was quite calm. Yet there must have been an inner voice telling me to try again, so I repeated the scan quite quickly and added “change” in the form of itching. The app indicated I should seek medical attention. I had a bad feeling and decided that no matter what the doctor said, I would insist on getting the mole removed. I did not have to insist as the doctor – a different one from my regular GP – immediately called a dermatologist and scheduled an appointment.

From then on it all went fast. It turned out to be melanoma, but luckily it had not spread. But I am quite sure that had it not been for skinScan, I would have discovered my cancer much later, and I do not want to think how that could have ended. I am now going for regular check-ups, but use the app on my other moles. If I see any changes in a scan, I will not hesitate to react to it, and I recommend it to everyone I know.

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